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Check out the new Game Changing 5+ Color Multimedia LED printer from OKI.
More about the OKI C941dn can be seen here.

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OKI C900 Series Multimedia Printers

June 2014 - LSS is an OKI dealer!

LSS Digital is proud to announce that we now offer the OKI C900 Series Production Multimedia LED printers!

The new and ground breaking 5+ Color OKI C941dn printer allows printing of white and clear over almost any substrate. White printing allows use on dark colored media to allow white underprinting to keep CMYK colors true or for simply printing white. Clear printing offers a gloss like would be used on expensive coating equipment for spot coating which can be used for special printing effects.

What that means is the 5+ color OKIC941dn can print CMYK + Clear or CMYK + White in one pass of the printer! Or, two passes through the printer if white underprint is needed. The possiblities for short run print jobs have just gotten mind boggling!



Afinia L801 High Speed Label Printer


June 2013 - High Speed Color Label Printers from Afinia!

The brand new Afinia L801 offers full color printing at 60 ft / minute, 8.5” width and 1600 dpi resolution. The L Series is ideally suited for high-resolution, vibrant, full-color label printing to short- and mid-run inventory and product identification applications at an ultra-low cost-of-ownership.

The Afinia L801 has an integrated unwinder and holds 1.25 liters of ink (CMYKK*) to support large runs. The product also features easy access doors for fast, simple media and ink replacement.

Check out the Afinia L801 here or the Afinia R635 here.

* Two ink tanks of Black in the machine at one time, while the other colors have one tank of ink each.

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