Product Highlight

The Gladi8tor is Gandyís new development based on itís predecessors, the Pred8tor and Domin8tor, which have been coming off the production line at Gandy Digitalís factory in Canada for over 4 years. The most reliable high resolution, large format digital UV flatbed printer in the market giving exceptional value that just got better with the introduction of the Gladi8tor.

With 35 years experience in digital printing technology, and a proven successful track record of consistently being at the forefront of the large format digital print industry. Gandy Digital has certainly pioneered the way.

Click here to check out the new Gladi8tor flatbed printer.


OKI C900 Series Multimedia Printers

5+ Color Multi-Media Digital Printer from OKI

LSS Digital is proud to announce that we now offer the OKI C900 Series Production Multimedia LED printers!

The ground breaking 5+ Color OKI C941e printer allows printing of white and clear over almost any substrate. White printing allows use on dark colored media to allow white underprinting to keep CMYK colors true or for simply printing white. Clear printing offers a gloss like would be used on expensive coating equipment for spot coating which can be used for special printing effects.

What that means is the 5+ color OKIC941e can print CMYK + Clear or CMYK + White in one pass of the printer! Or, two passes through the printer if white underprint is needed. The possiblities for short run print jobs have just gotten mind boggling!

Paper Conversion Tables Sometimes specifications for paper can be confusing. Grams per Square Meter, Bond, Index . . . what does that all mean? Look it up in our convenient Paper Conversion Tables. International paper sizes are listed, too.