DeLuxe HF16C/HF25C

DeLuxe SilverStitcher HF16C/HF25C Box & Tray Stitcher


The HF16C / HF25C combines the features of the HF A and HF P model stitchers into one machine.

Stitch telescope boxes, trays, regular slotted bottoms, sides and ends of solid fibre drums.

This machine is very handy for shippers and box users whose box styles require both post and arm-type stitching capabilities.



Maximum Box Size: HF16C = 32" W x 41.25" D, HF25C = 50" W x 41.25" D / Distance from Front of Frame to Clincher: HF16C = 16", HF25C = 25" / Distance from Top of Base to Clincher: HF16C = 41.5", HF25C = 41.5"


Shipping Size: TBA / Shipping Weight: 530 lbs. to 560 lbs.


115 VAC 60 Hz