Polar D 80 ECO Paper Cutter

Polar D 80 series 31.5" Paper Cutter


The cutter POLAR D 80 is a robust, programmable and designed for one-shift operation. The precise swing-cut is carried out hydraulically. Thus, the time of the knife spent in the lower dead end can be adapted to the material. The ultra-smooth stainless table surface equipped with air jets allows an easy handling of the material. Within a wide setting range the clamping pressure can be adjusted infinitely to each cutting material by means of a turning knob with scale. Bright LEDs mark the cutting line clearly visible for the operator.

Model variants:
ECO (shown in photo): 5.5“ monochrome display and extra low-profile keyboard
PLUS: for the integration into the digital workflow with 18.5” touch-screen display and process visualization


- False clamp plate

- Eccentric knife leveling

- Non-corrosive stainless steel table

- No slot in table

- Powered backgauge with direct positioning

- Fully hydraulic knife and clamp

- Fraction input w/automatic decimal conversion

- Adjustable clamp pressure

- Lifetime cut counter

- Quiet operation, hydraulic pump runs only during cutting

- Adjustable knife cycle timing

- Infrared safety beams are standard

- Two-hand, timed cut release with non-repeat device

- Rear table fully covered

- Permanent check of knife position

- Machine self-diagnosis with error indication



Maximum Cutting Width: 31.5" / Minimum Cut without false clamp plate: 0.59" / Minimum Cut with false clamp plate: 1.97" / Maximum Cut Depth: 31.5" / Clamp Opening without false clamp plate: 3.94" / Clamping Method: Hydraulic and Manual / Maximum Clamping Force: 5,952 lbs. / Backgauge Control: Power


77.5" D x 56.3" W x 59" H / Net Weight: 1,983 lbs. / Shipping Weight: TBA


200-240 VAC 3-phase 25 Amp