Challenge CMT-330TC

Challenge CMT-330TC Three-Knife Trimmer


The new Challenge CMT 330TC has expanded capability to finish cut LANDSCAPE FORMATTED BOOKS up to 12.1” tall by 12.9” wide and down to 5.875” tall by 3.937” wide. Designed and built in Michigan-USA, the CMT 330TC utilizes powerful hydraulic cutting and clamping pressure to effortlessly cut up to a 2” thick book.

The CMT 330TC utilizes servo and stepper motors to accurately position books for cutting. Full digital control of the set-up allows book size changes in less than 6 seconds. There is no need to perform manual adjustments or exchange book clamps. The CMT 330TC exclusively features simultaneous in-line and near-line feeding capability. This allows the trimmer to automatically switch between feeding books directly from an in-line perfect binder or from a manually loaded near-line book pile feeder.

Automatic size detection of the pre-trimmed book makes job programming easy, requiring the entry of only three dimensions. Alternatively, the integrated bar code reader can scan the trim dimensions from a pre-printed barcode on the cover to adjust the knife settings automatically.


- Capability to trim landscape formatted books up to 12.1" H x 12.9" W

- Full high-speed digital control for fast and accurate set-ups in under 6 seconds

- Bar code system for fully automated set-up

- Simultaneous in-line and near-line book feeding option to maximize utilization

- Automatic size detection of untrimmed book blocks

- 10.5" color touch screen display

- Precision knife depth control reducing cut stick wear and knife depth machine adjustments

- Automated precision finish cut mode for thicker books and toner chipping issues

- Live graphical display of book path

- Thickness range up to 2"

- Hydraulic powered cutting

- No tools or clamp boards required during book size changes

- Integrated computer diagnostics with graphical display of sensor locations

- Strong knife assembly and table support design to minimize deflection



Untrimmed Book Size (Spine x Fore-edge): 7″ x 5″ to 13″ x 13″ / Finished Book Size (Spine x Fore-edge): 5.82″ x 3.94″ to 12.1″ x 12.9″ / Maximum Top Trim: 6"/ Maximum Book Thickness: 2.0" / Minimum Book Thickness: 0.1" / Production Speed: up to 750 books per hour in multi-book mode


Due to the variety of configurations available, click on the brochure link near the top of this page.


208-230 VAC 3-phase 60 Hz 20 Amps

Compressed Air Required

Minimum 9 cfm at 90 psi